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Fair & Honest Government

When Canadians vote in elections, they expect the voting process to be free and fair. However, it became clear during the 2011 election that the Harper Conservatives were not participating in an honest way. Electoral fraud took place, and Canadians were disenfranchised. The Harper Conservatives have been extremely
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Freedom & Justice

Being free means being able to live your life without undue interference from government, while respecting the freedoms of fellow citizens to live in the same way. Government is tasked with protecting our fundamental rights of freedom and justice, but when a government becomes more concerned with secrecy and
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Affordable Education

As Canadians, we cherish our standards of affordable health care and education. Unfortunately for most citizens, post-secondary education is an unaffordable goal; one that guarantees impossible student loan debts and no promise of jobs upon graduation.With nearly half of our annual income taken in taxation, our
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