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Marijuana Legalization Makes Sense

Legalizing marijuana is about ending the prohibition policy that currently enriches gangs while costing taxpayers billions of dollars to enforce, with no clear benefit to society. Canadians are paying for prohibition in many ways, including billions of dollars every year in policing, courts, prisons, and numerous
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A Cleaner Environment

Canada is recognized as a naturally extraordinary country, with invaluable forests, waterways, coastlines, fields, mountains, and almost every stunning geological feature possible. Our environment has been a source of pride for generations.Unfortunately, under the Harper Conservatives, our country’s environmental
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A Strong Economy

As a business owner employing nearly thirty people, I understand the importance of small businesses and the struggle of the over-taxed middle-class. With nearly 44% of Canadians’ annual income going to government in taxation, most people have difficulty affording basic essentials, let alone the extras that are
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