2015 January Jodie Emery: Metro Vancouver Top Influencer Under 30

Jodie Emery: Metro Vancouver Top Influencer Under 30

Jodie Emery is the number 2 “Top 3 Influencers Under 30” in Vancouver, according to Metro Vancouver.

The local transit newspaper covered Jodie’s campaign for the Liberal nomination in the Vancouver East riding in a recent column:

The 29-year-old is seeking the nomination to run as the Liberal party’s Vancouver East candidate in the 2015 federal election.

Even if she doesn’t get the nod – a decision is expected by the end of January – Emery will be front and centre in a effort to boot the Harper government from power.

“Canada is becoming a national embarrassment on the world stage,” she told Metro. “Our government’s priorities are misplaced.

She plans to fight for the environment and issues of justice and policing.

“People need to figure out how they can contribute to whatever cause they care about,” she said. “Everyone has a way of contributing something.”

Help Jodie by joining the Liberals today and volunteering for her campaign.

Author: Jeremiah