2014 August A Strong Economy

A Strong Economy

As a business owner employing nearly thirty people, I understand the importance of small businesses and the struggle of the over-taxed middle-class. 

With nearly 44% of Canadians’ annual income going to government in taxation, most people have difficulty affording basic essentials, let alone the extras that are meant to make life more enjoyable. The low- and middle-class should be able to keep up with inflation and afford comfortable lives.

Our country is rich in natural resources, but oftentimes government can be too quick to make deals overseas, exporting our resources and our jobs to other countries. While I do believe in sharing economic opportunities abroad, as a Canadian I am most concerned with secure employment of our own citizens. 

We have to ensure that jobs created in Canada are offered to Canadians first and foremost, but we also have to re-prioritize the current spending of our tax dollars for the benefit individuals, businesses, and communities nationwide.

Author: Jodie