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marijuanalegalizationsmall        Marijuana Legalization

Legalizing marijuana is about ending the prohibition policy that currently enriches gangs while costing taxpayers billions of dollars to enforce, with no clear benefit to society.  

Canadians are paying for prohibition in many ways, including billions of dollars every year in policing, courts, prisons, and numerous peripheral industries related to marijuana laws. In legalizing marijuana, we will immediately save those precious tax dollars and be able to redirect our money to more important priorities.

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Freedom & Justice

Being free means being able to live your life without undue interference from government, while respecting the freedoms of fellow citizens to live in the same way.

Government is tasked with protecting our fundamental rights of freedom and justice, but when a government becomes more concerned with secrecy and control than with openness and fairness, the citizens and democracy suffer – in many ways.

The Harper Conservatives have attacked and eroded justice in Canada by hindering and criticizing our judicial system, making our laws even more punitive and costly, implementing massive spying and policing apparatus across the country, and attacking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We are less free under the Harper Government, but our cherished freedoms and justice can be protected and restored with a Liberal Party government.

Fair & Honest Government

When Canadians vote in elections, they expect the voting process to be free and fair. However, it became clear during the 2011 election that the Harper Conservatives were not participating in an honest way. Electoral fraud took place, and Canadians were disenfranchised.

The Harper Conservatives have been extremely controlling in a vindictive, bullying way, even going as far as destroying the lives and credibility of numerous public servants and organizations working to protect the fairness of government. Elections Canada has suffered too – to the detriment of Canadian citizens.

Electoral reform is needed in Canada to establish a truly fair government and real democracy in Parliament, and the Liberal Party is dedicated to making those important changes.

A Strong Economy

As a business owner employing nearly thirty people, I understand the importance of small businesses and the struggle of the over-taxed middle-class. 

With nearly 44% of Canadians’ annual income going to government in taxation, most people have difficulty affording basic essentials, let alone the extras that are meant to make life more enjoyable. The low- and middle-class should be able to keep up with inflation and afford comfortable lives.

Our country is rich in natural resources, but oftentimes government can be too quick to make deals overseas, exporting our resources and our jobs to other countries. While I do believe in sharing economic opportunities abroad, as a Canadian I am most concerned with secure employment of our own citizens. 

We have to ensure that jobs created in Canada are offered to Canadians first and foremost, but we also have to re-prioritize the current spending of our tax dollars for the benefit individuals, businesses, and communities nationwide.

A Cleaner Environment

Canada is recognized as a naturally extraordinary country, with invaluable forests, waterways, coastlines, fields, mountains, and almost every stunning geological feature possible. Our environment has been a source of pride for generations.

Unfortunately, under the Harper Conservatives, our country’s environmental record has been damaged – and the actual environment has suffered, too. Millions of lakes and rivers have lost their protection, and fossil fuel extraction is being done irresponsibly with clear harm to humans and nature. And taxpayers are forced to subsidize these massive, enormously-wealthy industries with subsidies! 

Our natural environment deserves our support and protection, not just for its incredible historical and traditional value, but to ensure future generations have safe, clean water and air – for both their own physical well-being and for healthy resource-based employment opportunities.

Affordable Education

As Canadians, we cherish our standards of affordable health care and education. Unfortunately for most citizens, post-secondary education is an unaffordable goal; one that guarantees impossible student loan debts and no promise of jobs upon graduation.

With nearly half of our annual income taken in taxation, our education system should be top-quality and easily-funded, but it seems that students and institutions are all struggling to get by. Trying to excel in school while barely making ends means numerous Canadians are not receiving the best education possible. 

Young people are often disillusioned with dim prospects for the future, saddled with unfair financial debts as punishment for their desire to become more educated after graduating high school. We should restore confidence in the educational system through fair funding and support, from kindergarten to the most senior university programs across Canada.

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Mark ElyasCampaign Director

Mark Elyas is a former two-term President of the Vancouver East Liberal Riding Association and the riding’s former Election Readiness and Campaign Chair.

Russ MillerCampaign Director

Russ Miller is serving his third term as Vice President of the Vancouver East Liberals after working as the riding’s deputy Campaign Manager for the 2011 federal election.

Jeremiah VandermeerCampaign Director

Jeremiah Vandermeer is managing editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV and has worked on various political and activist campaigns in British Columbia.